Easy start of international tech recruitment
Nerdsbay - is an HR platform where you can find relevant highly-skilled ICT specialists just in a wink. Tech talents hang out here!
You should probably face some of these problems:
- Where to find find IT specialists?
- Lack of the suitable candidates on the local market
- Candidates are not interested
- Wasting your time waiting for a feedback
- Lots of CVs of candidates with irrelevant skill stack and experience
- It costs too much
- It takes too much time! How to make the process faster?
Here you can find the solution!
Let's resolve first three questions and then proceed to the rest ones
Right this moment thousands of relevant candidates from all over the world are looking for they next career step. For example, in Russia:
< 800 Univercities / 4 000 000 students / ≈ 500 000 graduate in Tech annually (хорошо отражает слайд в презентации)

TOP companies in ICT sector in Russia
You can meet them on local resorces:
Our candidates come from different countries:
and others
A variety of career fields:

  • Embedded developers

  • Mobile developers

  • Telecom

  • DevOps / SRE / Cloud engineers

  • Machine learning / Analysts / Data science

  • GO / Java / PHP / C++/ C/ Python / Ruby / etc. Frontend/ Backend/ Fullstack

  • UI/UX designers

You can choose one and then switch to another
Free testing period

- 14 days free trial
- only a success fee when you hire a candidate

Get access!

- Get only relevant candidates with matching skill stack, pre-screened and ready for final interview
- monthly fee + success fee

No cure no pay

- Get advantages of the friend-zone with only a success fee
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They already hire with Nerdsbay:
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Our algorythms help to:
- Increase productivity
- Decrease searching and hiring costs
- Speed up the processing time per candidate

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