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There are approximately 800 universities in Russian Federation with more than 4 million students (Dec., 2020). About 500 thousands of them graduate in Tech specialization annually. These are such areas as "Maths and Mechanics", "Computer and Information Sciences", "Informatics and Computer Technology", "Electronics, Radio Electronics and Communication Systems", as well as "Information Security". And this trend is gaining momentum!
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It's very important for Tech guys to improve and share knowledge, find out something new. That is why our community has already attracted more than 5000 active professionals:

  • They are skilled engineers with significant development experience (on average, 5 years or more). They have deep expertise in at least one programming language, but at the same time they are multilingual, ready to learn new technologies and choose a development language as a tool for solving a specific problem.

  • They have a broad engineering outlook (network technologies, databases, algorithms, data structures), have a good academic background.

  • Knowledge of English is critical. It may not be fluent, but enough to confidently pass interviews in English and use it regularly, both orally and in writing.
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